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Comparison of WPC vs SPC Vinyl Flooring

Nov 03,20221

Vinyl floors are durable, stable and sustainable floors. This will be the future of bathroom design. It is manufactured and designed in a special way. Manufacturers are making it more durable, durable and strong so that it will stand out in the future as well. Over time, this flooring will take over the market. Compared to WPC wood floors, vinyl floors are much better. The main difference between the two is that vinyl floors are advanced.

What is WPC Vinyl Flooring?

WPC vinyl plank flooring is a design and development supported by plastic and wood composites. It does not contain any PVC backing. A composite of plastic and wood pulp maximizes floor strength. This bonding also gives the floor excellent stability. After mixing the composite, the manufacturer lays a layer of vinyl over it. Therefore, WPC vinyl is thicker than typical vinyl. So you will feel good while laminating.

The best WPC vinyl floors are waterproof. It will not crack or be damaged by moisture. The floor is a plank system that incorporates a glue-free locking system. It is a bit the same as the installation of laminate.

1. WPC core – WPC core is designed by mixing plasticizer and wood pulp. Manufacturers also add foaming agents to make the floor strong and waterproof. Therefore, the WPC core is strong and comfortable.

2. Vinyl Topcoat – Each vinyl coat of WPC contains a thin layer of vinyl. This layer is on the core.

3. Wear layer – This layer is called the top coat of vinyl floors. It is completely transparent. Thanks to this coating, the floor becomes stain and scratch resistant.

4. Decorative Patterns – Decorative patterns are used to beautify the floor. Manufacturers use a variety of printed patterns on vinyl floors.