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LVT dry back(Glue Down flooring) is a hard vinyl product that is designed to look like a wood or tile floor. The dry back version of the Glue Down LVT flooring is adhered directly to the sub-floor. LVT dry back flooring is an extremely tough and durable product, that is totally waterproof and also the ability to produce individual design effects.

Optional Specifications:

152.4X914.4mm/ 159X1229mm/ 184.15X1219.2mm/ 228.6X1219.2mm/ 228.6X1524mm/ 457.2X457.2mm/ 304.8X609.6mm/ 457.2X609.6mm/ 914.4X914.4mm

Zhejiang Hoy Technology Co., Ltd.Specification

Characteristics Test LVT Dry Back
Classification EN685 21~44
Dimensions ISO24341 159 * 1229 mm
609.6 * 457.2 mm (for tile)
Straightness / Squareness ISO24342 ≤0.25mm
Thickness ISO24346 3mm ± 0.13mm
Wear Layer Thickness ISO24340 0.55mm (+13%/ -10% ) 
Weight EN430 5.89kg/㎡
5.85kg/㎡ (for tile)
Abrasion Resistance EN660:part-1 Group T:≤0.08mm
Residual Indentation ISO24343-1 ≤0.10mm
Chemical Resistance EN438 Grade 5
Fire Resistance EN13501 / ISO9239-1 Class BFLs1(B1)
Dimensional Stability ISO23999 ≤0.12%
Color Fastness ISO 105-B02:1994 ≥Grade 6
Water Resistance EN317 0% Swelling
Slip Resistance AS4586 / DIN 51130 R10
Formaldehyde Emission EN717-1 E1
Curving ISO23999 ≤1.2mm
Peel Resistance ISO24345 ≥75N/5cm
Anti-scratchs —— ≥2500g
Acoustic Performance EN ISO 717-2 △Lw=15 dB
Cigarette burn resistance EN438-2 Class 3
Flexibility ISO24344 20mm
Castor Chair ISO4918

After 25 000 cycles, no delamination shall occur.
No disturbance to the surface other than a slight change in appearance 

About US

Zhejiang Hoy Technology Co, Ltd. was established on 1st November of 2017 and located at Liuli Industrial Park, Ganpu Town, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province 314300.

As China Glue Down LVT Flooring Manufacturers and Custom Dry Back LVT Flooring Suppliers, Zhejiang Hoy Technology Co., Ltd., located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, enjoys convenient transportation, with Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo just an hour's drive away. Established in 2017, we are an environmentally friendly SPC/LVT flooring manufacturer that integrates customization, research and development, production, and sales.
HOYTECH has invested 65 million USD and boasts a factory area of 91,745 square meters, with an annual production capacity of approximately 10 million square meters of vinyl flooring. We provide our employees with supporting facilities such as apartments, a gym, and a leisure garden.
With a passion for perfection and craftsmanship, HOYTECH continuously conducts research and innovation, earning certifications including lSO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE, Floor Score, Green Guard, and A+. These certifications have garnered the trust and preference of our domestic and international customers.


Based on the development concept of "based on domestic and facing the world", the company keeps pace with the times. As Wholesale Lvt Dry Back Flooring Factory, the evaluation indexes of products and test equipment all reach the leading international standards. The advanced and completed experimental equipment has been recognized by our domestic and foreign customers.We willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better future.

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Product Knowledge

The Benefits/Advantages of LVT dry back(Glue Down flooring)
LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) dry back, also known as glue-down flooring, is a type of flooring that is installed by adhering individual tiles or planks directly to the subfloor using a specially formulated adhesive. Here are some benefits and advantages of LVT dry back flooring:
Durability: LVT dry back flooring is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.
Easy to maintain: LVT dry back flooring is easy to clean and maintain, as it can be easily swept, vacuumed, or mopped. It is also resistant to stains and scratches, making it a low-maintenance flooring option.
Wide range of design options: LVT dry back flooring comes in a wide range of design options, including different colors, patterns, and textures. This allows for a variety of design choices to suit different styles and preferences.
Moisture-resistant: LVT dry back flooring is highly moisture-resistant, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Easy to replace: In the event that a tile or plank becomes damaged, LVT dry back flooring is easy to replace. Simply remove the damaged tile or plank and replace it with a new one.
Quieter than other hard surface floors: LVT dry back flooring is quieter than other hard surface floors, such as ceramic tile or hardwood, as it absorbs sound and reduces noise.
Cost-effective: LVT dry back flooring is often more cost-effective than other flooring options, such as hardwood or natural stone, while still providing a similar look and feel.
Overall, LVT dry back flooring offers a range of benefits and advantages, including durability, easy maintenance, design options, moisture resistance, ease of replacement, noise reduction, and cost-effectiveness.
The Use of LVT dry back(Glue Down flooring)
LVT dry back flooring, also known as glue down flooring, is a type of luxury vinyl tile flooring that is installed by adhering the tiles directly to the subfloor using a special adhesive. This type of flooring is popular for both residential and commercial applications due to its durability, low maintenance requirements, and a wide range of design options.
One of the primary benefits of LVT dry back flooring is its durability. It is resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. Additionally, it is water-resistant, making it a popular choice for areas prone to moisture, such as basements and bathrooms.
LVT dry back flooring is also easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are typically all that is needed to keep the floors looking great. And because the tiles are glued directly to the subfloor, there are no grout lines to clean, making maintenance even easier.
When it comes to design options, LVT dry back flooring offers a wide range of choices. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, including options that mimic the look of natural stone or hardwood flooring.
Installation of LVT dry back flooring can be a bit more involved than some other types of flooring. The subfloor must be prepared properly, and the adhesive must be applied correctly to ensure a strong bond between the tiles and the subfloor. Professional installation is recommended for best results.
In summary, LVT dry back flooring is a durable, low maintenance, and versatile flooring option that offers a wide range of design choices. Its resistance to moisture and easy maintenance make it a great choice for high-traffic areas and areas prone to moisture.