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Want to find a reliable flooring factory for good quality, but don’t know how to tell and find it? This post solves your problems.

  • Comparison of WPC vs SPC Vinyl Flooring Nov 03,2022

    Comparison of WPC vs SPC Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl floors are durable, stable and sustainable floors. This will be the future of bathroom design. It is manufactured and designed in a special way. Manufacturers are making it more durable, durable and strong so that it will stand out in the future as well. Over time, this flooring will take over...

  • What material is SPC floor Oct 27,2022

    What material is SPC floor

    With the development of the flooring industry, there are more and more types of flooring, in addition to wood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, and spc flooring developed in recent years. Many people don't know about SPC floor, let's take a look at what is SPC floor.SPC floor mainly uses cal...

  • Advantages of vinyl plank flooring Oct 21,2022

    Advantages of vinyl plank flooring

    Vinyl plank floors are one of the best floors for busy offices, restaurants and homes. Vinyl floors are very durable and come in a variety of colors and patterns to give you the look of hardwood.Advantages of vinyl plank floors:100% WATERPROOF: Vinyl Plank is waterproof, you can use it in damp place...

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